When you hear someone talk about a pest infestation, your first thought might be roaches or bedbugs, but not birds. Pest birds breed in closed-off spaces such as the attic of your house. They can damage your house and spread diseases leading to infestation by other creatures such as mites and ants.

Typically, pest birds include the common pigeon, house sparrow, and the European Starling. This blog will identify what you can do to get rid of a bird infestation and how pigeon cleanup services can help.

Common Infestation Birds

Infestation birds, as identified by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act (1918), are unprotected against extermination, dispersal, and control.

Here’s how you can identify each type of bird  infestation:

A European Starling perched on the branch of a fruit tree 1. Pigeons

Perhaps the most common pest bird, pigeons, are sometimes referred to as ‘flying rodents’ because of the filth they carry.

  • Identification: Pigeons have gray bodies with black stripes on their wings. Their feet are a shade of red or pink.
  • Habits:Pigeons eat all kinds of human food but prefer grains and are found wherever they find food, such as in parks, ponds, or trash bins.
  • Harm and illnesses: Pigeons carry other infestation pests like ticks, lice, and fleas. Their droppings cause structural property damage and can cause slips and falls.

2. European Starlings

  • Identification: Starlings are dark with speckled feathers with bright yellow beaks.
  • Habits:They feed on larvae and grubs but also prefer seeds and fruit.
  • Harm and illness: Starling droppings can contaminate soil and cause diseaseslike histoplasmosis.

3. House Sparrows

  • Identification: House sparrows weigh less than an ounce and have a red-brown shade with streaks of black.
  • Habits:Sparrows prefer grains, vegetables, and fruits and are also commonly found in trash and garbage cans.
  • Harm and illnesses: These pest birds are known for their notoriety in destroying gardens and displacing other birds found in backyards and lawns.

Once you have identified a bird infestation, let’s move on to how you can protect your house from them.

Protecting Your Home from Pest Birds

· Remove Nests from Your House

Keep an eye out for areas on your property that could foster pest birds or their nests.

· Clean Out Your Gutter

Cleaning your gutter eliminates pests and also keeps the external part of the house clean. A professional gutter cleaning can help you protect your house from mold and infestations.

· Get Rid of Roosting Areas

Overhanging tree structures serve as roosting and nesting areas for birds. Since pest birds travel in packs, eliminating these roosting areas can help you avoid infestations and other related problems.

Pigeons, the European Starling, and the House Sparrow are flagged because they threaten the survival of most native birds. These pests are also known to destroy gardens and vegetation, and are commonly seen around trash, looking for food.

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