Moss is a non-flowering wild plant that grows in damp and shady places. It often grows on your roof in the space between the shingles or the lawn where there’s shade most of the time. Moss spreads out in patches if left unattended and is not good for the structural integrity of your roof and your house.

If your roof or moss is covered in moss, you can try some of these techniques to remove it.

1. Using Moss Removal Products

Moss-removal products are available on the market and come in dry, powdered, and liquid forms. The powder can be sprinkled over the lawn or the roof and then sprayed with water. It dries up the moss and kills it. The liquid moss remover can be directly sprayed over your lawn or the roof.

However, these moss-removing products are not a hundred percent effective, and some moss might get left behind, which will spread again

In addition, moss removal products can leave stains on your grass and damage it if used in excess.

2. Scraping the Moss Off

Another option to remove the moss is to scrape it off. Moss doesn’t have roots or stems and can be scraped with the help of a lawnmower with sharp blades. Run the lawnmower back and forth over your garden to get all the moss off.

3. Wash the Moss Off

If you have moss on the roof, you can use a shovel or a scrubbing brush with a long handle to scrap it off. However, be cautious about maintaining your balance and wear the necessary safety equipment while cleaning the roof. A fall from the roof can result in serious injuries.

After scraping the moss, take your garden hose and clean the surface with hot water to completely remove the moss.

moss growing between the shingles on the roof

Cleaning moss from your garden or your roof is a hassle and poses safety risks for you. Moreover, you’re not certified for the job. If you want, you can hire professional roof cleaners and moss removers to help you with it.

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