It has been raining heavily in California in recent years. In 2021, California received about 33.9 trillion gallons of water through rain, which was more than it had received in 2020. If you’re living in California, you should know that your roof can get damaged from rainwater buildup.

Rain gutters provide an excellent way to divert water away from your roof, ensuring its safety from rain damage. Gutters can clog depending on the shape and structure. To keep them from clogging, consider hiring a gutter cleaning professional. Here are some common types of rain gutter you can get installed for your home.

K-Style Gutter

K-Style Gutters are the most common gutter type you can find in modern homes. They offer a unique shape that improves the home’s appearance. These gutters are installed to the fascia trim cause of their flatbacks, allowing maximum water drainage from the roof.

These gutters are more durable in heavy rain. These gutters are also cheaper and easier to install than other types. They directly attach to the wall, preventing water from running down the house walls. However, due to their shape, they clog easily, requiring gutter cleaning more often than other types.

Half-Rounded Gutter

These gutters have a circular pipe-like structure with the top half open for water collection. Older homes used these types of gutters. They were only made using copper material, but now they are also available in other materials such as aluminum and vinyl.

These types of gutter are less likely to clog due to their circular structure, but they take longer to install. First, brackets are attached to the roof edge. Second, the gutter is placed over the brackets. Their installation is expensive compared to K-style gutters.

Box Style Gutter

Another common type of gutters is box-style gutters. They are installed on commercial or industrial buildings. They are built depending on the roof size: the larger the roof, the larger the water output it will have. They offer a lot of space for holding large amounts of water. They don’t clog easily.

The gutter installation is done during the building construction. If you want to get it reinstalled, you would have to completely replace the roof, making this type of gutter installation expensive.

Call Professional Gutter Cleaning In Modesto, CA

If you’re dealing with clogged gutters, get them cleaned by us. At Bird’s Window and Gutter Cleaning, we offer professional gutter cleaning services for residential or commercial apartments in Modesto, CA.

We offer a range of cleaning services, including window, pressure washing, and solar panel cleaning services. Get in touch with us to get gutter cleaning that guarantees to remain unclogged for longer than three months.

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