It’s estimated that there are about 400 million pigeons around the world. Pigeons often make nests on high spots such as city buildings and rooftops. This is because these structures mimic rocky cliffs which were their natural habitat.

In the US, pigeons are considered the number one pest problem homeowners have to deal with. These birds are messy, and they can reduce the appeal of your home. One problem that they can cause is roof damage. You can get pigeon cleanup and abatement services from professional cleaners in your area. Let’s look at how these pesky birds can damage your roof.

Pigeon Dropping Can Destroy Roofing Material

Pigeon dropping can deteriorate roofing material, as their dropping contains uric acid. This chemical is acidic and can eat away any material. Pigeons are dangerous for roofs because excessive dropping can destroy the roofing material.

Damage to roofing material causes leaks, which can become costly to fix. To prevent this, regularly look for any unwanted pigeon nests on your roof. Contact pigeon cleanup professionals to have these nests removed.

Pigeons Can Damage Solar Panels Placed On Roofs

Another potential harm that pigeons can cause is to your solar panels. Solar panels absorb solar energy through their tinted surfaces. If anything covers them, their efficiency reduces. If you’re dealing with a pigeon infestation, your solar panels could become the target of bird droppings. They can block out sunlight from reaching them.

The chemicals in these dropping can also leave permanent damage to your solar panels. You should contact your local bird abatement service provider about the bird problem to have it fixed.

Pigeons Can Clog Drains

Pigeons often make their nest near rain gutters and drain of houses. They find these places convenient and cozy. These nests can clog the gutter, making it harder for water to divert away from your home.

A clogged rain gutter can cause mold growth on the roof and other structural damage to your home. If you happen to find your rain gutter clogged due to these nests, get a gutter cleaning service to clean it.

Call Pigeon Cleanup Today

If you’re dealing with pigeon problems, get pigeon cleanup and abatement services from us. At Bird’s Window and Gutter Cleaning, we are a reliable cleaning service provider that can deal with all kinds of pesky birds.

We also provide other cleaning services, including window, gutter, and solar panel cleaning, moss removal, and pressure washing. So if you’re a homeowner in Modesto, CA, struggling with roof problems due to pigeons, give us a call and have them safely removed.

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