Here’s Why You Should Get Your Solar Panels Cleaned More Frequently

The residential solar panel cleaning industry exceeded USD 48 million in 2019, and it’s set to grow in the upcoming years as more people are embracing the sustainable energy source. It’s no secret that regular maintenance of solar panels can save owners thousands of dollars in production losses and unnecessary repairs and replacement costs. A good rule of thumb is to get the solar panels cleaned at least every six months.

Yet, many people choose to ignore it. If you’re one of them, we’d like to change your mind. Here’s why you should get your solar panels cleaned more frequently:


Over time, solar panels suffer from soiling, a type of shading that leads to hotspots. It happens because solar systems are designed to work together, and different sunlight levels trigger the panel to stress the rest of the system. The soiling buildup can lead to overheating and lead to a breakdown. The only way to prevent this from happening is to get your solar panels cleared more frequently.

Rain isn’t enough

Many people believe that rain showers automatically clean the solar panels, but that’s not true. Rain isn’t enough to clean solar panels that accumulate dust and pollen. Once these airborne pollutants are settled on the surface of the system, manual cleaning becomes mandatory. The dirty solar panels don’t only lead to production losses but can also cause a component breakdown.


Corrosion is also one of the biggest threats that many property owners—homeowners and commercial property investors alike—choose to ignore. The soiling and improper cleaning—or lack thereof—can lead to degradation of solar panels, resulting in system failure. The abrasive effect of sand particles or rough cleaning is the two most common reasons for corrosion. Therefore, it’s crucial to hire the services of a professional solar panel cleaner.

Hiring professional services

Cleaning solar panels may sound like a straightforward job, but it often requires working at height, which carries a risk of sustaining injuries. Professionals are better equipped to work from rooftops and take proper care of your solar panels during the cleaning process, so it’s better to suppress your DIY-cravings and let them take care of the cleaning work. Make sure you work with a professional service provider to ensure the best results.

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