Moss is a collection of tiny flowerless plants that survive in damp and shady places. It is a non-vascular plant, which means it does not have any roots and hence, absorbs water through its pores. As it does not have the roots to grip onto surfaces, it spreads horizontally instead of growing upwards. Roofs are the likeliest places for moss growth as they are usually damp. Thin, green layers of moss may grow between shingles and then spread rapidly on rooftops.

Green moss-laden rooftops may satisfy your childhood fantasy of quaint fairytale cottages set in forests, but in reality, they pose serious threats to your health and property. If moss growth is left unaddressed, it can lead to severe roof deterioration, which will not devalue your property but will also require expensive repairs. Moss-covered roofs may look charming but if allowed to remain that way, they can lead to severe consequences.

Moss Can Damage Shingles

While moss might add charm to your house temporarily, it is detrimental for your property in the long run. As moss gathers water from its leaves, it is not affected by the dry conditions of the shingles. So when it rains, moss gathers the water and stores it. Some of this water can drip down on the shingles and collect there. Over time this water activates the rotting process and destroys the shingles.

Growth of Algae and Lichen

Moss growth can cause other kinds of invaders to take root on top of rooftop as well. As moss grows and spreads on a rooftop, it gathers windblown soil and layers it on the shingles. These soil deposits support the growth of algae and lichen, which are extremely harmful to the property as they quicken the rotting process by pushing under the shingles and tiles and eating away the rooftop.

Water Leaks

Water stored by moss can trickle down to the shingles and over time destroy them. This will create small holes in the rooftop and lead to water leakages. It’s therefore advised to use different methods of moss removal, such as a pressure washing service to get rid of moss growth from rooftops.

Moss May Attract Pests and Rodents

Different insects and small animals are attracted to moss and may nest atop your rooftop. This can be a big problem as you not only have to spend money on moss removal but you also need to secure your home against rodent or pest infestations.

Additional Weight May Damage Your Property

Since moss is a non-vascular organism, it acts as a sponge and absorbs large quantities of water. A thick layer of green moss might add a few hundred extra pounds to your rooftop and if left untreated can lead to severe damage. For this reason, it is important to remove moss immediately by calling a moss removal service.

If moss removal seems like a big hassle to you, invest properly and seek assistance from a professional service provider. Bird’s Window and Gutter Cleaning Services ensures that properties and families are safe and secure by offering a variety of cleaning services, such as gutter cleaning, window washing, and moss removal in Modesto, CA.

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