Just like you pay special attention to the interior of your home, you need to focus on the exterior of your home as well, and that includes roof cleaning. It is essential to keep your roof neat because it plays an important role in maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Not only that, but a clean roof also makes your home look more well-maintained.

However, most homeowners don’t know how often they should get their roofs cleaned. This is the reason most of them are unable to get it done altogether. If you are one of those homeowners, you are in the right place.

This blog will explain how often you should get your roof cleaned. Keep reading to learn more.

Roof Cleaning: How Often Should You Get it Done?

The frequency of roof cleaning depends on various factors. There is no one set rule for every home. Factors like the weather, size, and condition of the house, among others, play a significant role when it comes to getting roof cleaning services.

Typically, it is best if you get your roof cleaned once every year. However, if your roof is quite old and damaged, you can get it cleaned more than once. Likewise, if you have installed a new roof, it won’t need as much cleaning.

Roof Cleaning: When Should You Get it Done?

The best time of the year to get your roof cleaned is summer. However, you can also get it cleaned before the winter starts as it will help you in maintaining your home during the cold temperatures.

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Roof Cleaning: The Bottom Line

All in all, roof cleaning does not follow a one-for-all rule. Every house is unique and has unique requirements. While the general frequency of roof cleaning is once a year, you can get it done more than once as well, depending on your situation.

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