We’re All in the Gutter! Are Gutter Screens Better than Cleaning Out Your Gutters?

How often do you think about your gutters? We’re guessing not as much as you should be. Research has shown that demand for gutters and downspout products is expected to go up to $6 billion in 2022.

Gutters are exposed to dirt, falling leaves, debris, and other types of contaminants, which can clog the channels, causing rainwater to spill over to the windows, doors, and siding. Here are the pros and cons of gutter screens and why they’re more of a hassle than cleaning out your gutters.

Pros of Gutter Screens


If you have gutter guards installed to prevent flying debris and falling leaves from entering the gutter channels, you can minimize the risk of injuries at the time of gutter cleaning. Whether they’re minor or fatal, gutter covers can help you avoid climbing up to precarious positions, especially if your gutters are clogged during a downpour.


If trees surround your home and you often face leaves piling up around it, gutter screens can keep your gutters clear of falling plants and leaves. This can prevent water from pooling in your gutters and structural damage to your property.

Easy to Install

Plastic gutter screens can be installed quickly, provided you follow the manufacturer’s or seller’s instructions. They can be slid under the roof shingles or secured after being dropped in place.

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Requires Maintenance

If you installed gutter screens or guards because you thought they don’t have any upkeep, you might want to reassess that idea. Whether you’re living in an area sheltered by trees or not, neighboring trees can still bring wind-blown debris that inevitably gets stuck in gutter screens.

Harder to Clean

Gutter guards may reduce the frequency of clearing out your gutters but know that they still need to be cleaned. You’ll be surprised to learn that gutter screens make it harder to clean out debris and take more time since some screens cannot be removed.

In this case, either you’ll have to flush out whatever contents you can or replace them altogether. Even hinged guards known to open easily have the problem of extending away from the roof, so taking a ladder to clean your gutters with hinged guards in place will pose a lot of difficulties.

Doesn’t Keep Out Smaller Debris

Cleaning handfuls of damp, messy leaves out of blocked gutters isn’t how you want to spend your Saturday morning. But gutter screens are harder to clean since smaller debris like pine needles, seedlings, or pods either penetrate the screen or get trapped inside it.


If you’re planning to install the best gutter guards, be prepared to dish out more money than usual. The problem is that even if you can afford the cost, gutter guards don’t prevent the need to clean out your gutters and make it more costly to clean them if the need arises.

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