Keep Your Windows Looking Spic and Span!

Keeping your windows clean is not only important for the aesthetic value of your property, but also for the longevity of the glass. Similarly, homeowners that want to ensure they don’t compromise on the structural integrity of their home ensure their gutters are clean so that it can safely take the water away from the foundation.

Bird’s Window and Gutter offers a range of affordable cleaning services in Modesto, CA. Our services include residential and commercial pressure washing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, and pest bird abatement. We also offer moss removal from roofs.

We understand how difficult it can be to clean your property’s exterior when you don’t have the right equipment. Not only is it wasteful, it can also be dangerous if you just climb up a ladder to clean your roof.

This is why we try to make our services available to residential and commercial property owners in Modesto, as well as other areas in Central Valley.

Whether you want your property cleaned of all that gunk and algae growing up the sides, need a pigeon cleanup, or just want your gutters cleaned, you can count on us to do it for you, and do it well.

Invest in Your Property!

Cleaning your gutters, windows and walls isn’t just important for hygiene.

Summer showers and the impending monsoon season could clog your gutters and streak your widows. If the dirt and gunk in your gutters and on your windows and walls are left as is, it can compromise their structural integrity. Over time, your home’s exterior can be become permeated with a number of contaminants, including over spray, oxidization, and hard minerals.

We make sure this doesn’t happen. As an affordable service in Modesto, CA, we do our best to clear your windows and other external elements of all dirt and grime. For both window cleaning as well as gutter cleaning, we use specific products, so nothing sustains more damage. From painted siding to wood stains and glass, we use a detailed range of products so your home shines.

What are you waiting for then? Get in touch with Bird’s Window and Gutter and let us know when we can arrive.

Contact us today at 209-450-2224. And let us know if you have specific areas that need extra attention so we can bring the right equipment. We like to come to our job site, well-prepared.