Most people think that gutter cleaning activities should be reserved for summer, spring, or the autumn season; however, gutter cleaning before winters is equally important. Clean gutters prevent water from seeping into your homes. In Modesto, CA, heavy snowstorms and torrential downpours are common. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to keep the gutters clean and direct the excess water and melting snow away from your homes.

The benefits of hiring a gutter cleaning company in Modesto, CA, before the winter season will help you avoid costly repairs and maintenance, basements filled with water, cracked walkways, and other major issues.

Let us look at the three important reasons to clean your gutters in winter.

Ice Dams & Icicles

Winters are magical, with snow-covered pavements and beautiful icicles hanging from homes. While your home may look like a Christmas card, icicles caused by ice dams and clogged gutters can cause severe damage to your home and its roof.

Ice dams are caused by frozen gutters. When water freezes in the gutters because they’re clogged by debris, it prevents drainage and forces the melting ice and snow to get underneath the roof shingles and into your home. This causes water stains and can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. We at Bird’s Gutter and Window Cleaning have got you covered with our professional gutter cleaning services in Modesto, CA.

Prevent Expensive Repairs

In addition to gutter cleaning, an inspection of the gutters is essential. This involves checking if all critical components like fasteners and the fascia board are working properly.

Health Issues

Unclean gutters can compromise the health and safety of your family. Once debris starts piling up in the gutters, it becomes the ideal breeding ground for allergens like mildew and mold. These contaminants can be dangerous for asthma patients or those suffering from other allergies.

There’s no simple answer for how often you should clean the gutters of your home. However, you should get your gutters cleaned at least twice a year, in spring and winter.

Are you struggling to find the right gutter cleaning company near you? Search no more. We at Bird’s Gutter and Window  Cleaning are your answer for professional gutter cleaning services in Modesto, CA. Be it power washing, window cleaning service, or gutter cleaning. You can reach out to us here for appointments.

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