Rainwater can result in water damage to your property and your health as well. According to the guidelines given by the government of the United States, it’s important to have a properly functioning water drainage system to reduce the health risks to a minimum. This can be achieved through gutter cleaning services performed by professionals.

Bird Window and Gutter is a premier exterior cleaning company that provides gutter cleaning along with other services to ensure the external elements of your house have both beauty and hygiene.

Roof Gutters: What Could Go Wrong?

The roof gutters of your house can encounter a number of problems that could render them ineffective—ultimately leading you to contact a professional gutter cleaning company. Here are a few of the things that could go wrong with the gutter of your house:

  • It’s pretty common for a gutter to get clogged from leaves, dirt, or other debris. This disables the gutter to drain the water, causing water damage to your property.
  • The angling of the gutter is key for making it work to full effectiveness. An improper positioning could lead to faulty drainage, ultimately resulting in water damage to your home.
  • The roof gutters often encounter leakage that prevents the water from passing smoothly, causing the building material to rust and wear.

If your house’s gutter faces any of these problems, you must contact a gutter cleaning company at the earliest before your property suffers further damage.

We recommend that you never ignore the problems with the drainage system of your house. If you ignore the signs, you could have a longer, costlier, and more complex problem on your hands.

Dangers of a Poorly Maintained Gutter:

These are some of the dangers that you could encounter as a result of a poorly maintained gutter:

Spillage – Gutter May Overflow

The leakage or the overflowing of the roof gutters could be terrible for the building material of your property. During heavy rainfall, an ineffective gutter would cause the water to fall off the roof’s edge, resulting in sagging and wearing.

Landscape Damage

Excessive spillage from a defective gutter can ruin the exterior look of your house. This water will fall on the plants and garden decorations, damaging the look of your property.

Damage to Foundation

If the water is not drained according to the volume of the rainfall, it may result in seepage, which can damage the foundation of your property.

This water forms holes and soft patches that could lead to further damage in the long run.

Pests and Insects

An ineffective gutter could accumulate water on your house’s roof, turning it into a breeding ground for pests and other harmful insects.

Exposure to these pesticides could cause respiratory diseases and other permanent damages, especially for children at a growing age.

Get Help From a Professional Roof Gutter Service in Modesto, CA

You now know about some of the many problems that could arise due to a poorly maintained gutter. However, if you make sure to deal with the problems early on, you could save a whole lot of money in the future.

Get help from Birds Window and Gutter for professional gutter cleaning in Modesto, CA. Rainy season or not—with our pressure washing services and roof moss removal, we’ll make sure your gutter drainage and your roof are up to the mark, so you never have to worry about water damage ever again.


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