Window cleaning is a chore that most people don’t look forward to. It’s hard, time-consuming work that can be quite frustrating when you are trying to clean multiple windows at once windows can be difficult to clean.

There are many ways to go about it, but you should avoid doing a few things if you want streak-free windows.

Using the Wrong Tools

There is a common technique that many people swear by using newspapers and Windex to remove dirt from their windows. However, we do not recommend this method because the paper used in different editions can have undesired side effects such as coloration on frames or residue left behind, which will scratch easily if you don’t clean properly afterward. Substitute with lint-free cloths for an easy way of cleaning without making a mess!

Using the Wrong Cloth For Wiping

Never try to use a common cloth for wiping. Using the right type of cloth is important to make sure that you don’t damage any surfaces. Microfibre fabric will help protect your windows from being scratched and stained while remaining clean without leaving behind a residue of all those hard-to-remove oils or grease because these materials are too soft for their own good! For applying cleaner solutions onto glass items such as windscreens panels, rags should be lint-free cotton.

Not Changing Washing Liquid Frequently

You might be surprised when you realize how many people forget to change their window washing liquids. It’s easy for dirt and liquid residue from one pass of the squeegee or cloth, especially if it was hot out, can carry over into your cleaning solution bucket. This will cause a build-up that is difficult (if not impossible)to remove later on down the line without purchasing another bottle of plain water just for rinsing off all those microfibres at home before coming back outside again!

Cleaning Windows On A Sunny Day

It would be best to give your windows the best chance of looking pristine by waiting for overcast days. Window washing on sunny days can leave you with streaky glass and dried detergent residue, which will make it much challenging, if not impossible, to scrub away all dirt from their surfaces! Cleaning detergent will not dry on the window surface if you clean it on a cloudy day instead of a sunny and hot day. It is one of the serious mistakes to avoid for spotless and streak-free cleaning.

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