The words, pests, and birds aren’t synonymous though if the birds are being a nuisance and causing damage to your cars, roofs, and property, then it’s time for them to go. Birds can be annoying; not only are they loud, but they can also block pipes leading to your stoves, dryers, and fan vents with their nests, as well as clog your gutters and the drainage system. Then there are those acidic bird droppings and can harm the paint on our home exterior and of your car.

Protect that Nest

Many species of birds are protected under The Migratory Bird Treaty Act. So unless you are experienced pest bird abatement professional, you will have zero knowledge on how to differentiate protected birds from others.

Apart from all these laws and regulations that need to be followed, pest bird abatement should never be done by an unprofessional person as wild birds carry dangerous pathogens to humans. Birds, as well as their nests, contain various insects like parasites, ticks, and also bird droppings. These lead to increased handling risks, and it is always better to get professionals such as those at Bird’s Windows and Gutter Cleaning to help you deal with your pest bird abatement problems in Modesto, CA.

Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Rid of Bird Nests

Birds build nests to lay eggs. While some birds build their nests in trees and shrubs, others burrow themselves in the ground. Then some build their nests on the ledges or the roofs. However, there are a few essential things to consider before attempting to remove the nests, though calling in professional pest bird abatement services should be your first step.

Is the Nest Inactive?

The best time to get rid of a nest is when it is being built. Even after the nest has been made but there is no inhabitation, you can get rid of the nests. Once there are eggs or birds in them, do not attempt bird abatement. It is against the law, so it would be better for you to wait until the nesting season.

Check for Eggs

At times you may see eggs in the nests but no birds. This doesn’t mean that the nest has been abandoned. It can simply mean that the parents have gone to feed or want to cool down their eggs. Please remember that frequent disturbances from human beings can cause the birds to abandon their nests and eggs.

Wait for the Nesting Season to End

Some birds only nest once a year, while others can do that for up to 4 to 5 times a year. For instance, songbirds leave their nests after two to three weeks, whereas white raptors leave after a good eight to ten weeks. It would be foolhardy to try removing the nests without knowing such details, and it would be better to call a professional for inspection first.

Call in the Professionals

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