Birds are beautiful creatures, but things can get messy when they decide to make your property their new home.  Bird droppings can damage your home in many ways, and their constant chirping might disrupt your peace.

This is where bird abatement services come in.  However, many myths and misconceptions surround these professionals.  Let’s debunk some of the most common bird abatement myths and shed light on the benefits of hiring a professional.

Bird Abatement Services Harm Birds

This is a major concern for many people considering hiring bird abatement specialists. Reputable companies prioritize humane and safe methods.  They use techniques like exclusion (sealing entry points), habitat modification (removing nesting materials), and deterrents (visual or audio) to discourage birds from staying, not to harm them.

DIY Methods Are Just As Effective

There are many DIY bird control methods available online, but their effectiveness is often limited.  Birds are intelligent creatures and can quickly adapt to deterrents you set up yourself.  Professional bird abatement companies have access to specialized tools, techniques, and knowledge that ensure long-term solutions.

Bird Abatement Is Only for Large Buildings

Bird problems can plague homes as well as commercial buildings.  Whether you’re dealing with pigeons on your balcony or starlings in your attic, bird abatement services can help.  They can assess your specific situation and recommend the most appropriate action.

Bird Abatement Is Expensive

While the cost will vary depending on the severity of the problem and the size of the property, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits.

Bird droppings can damage roofs, siding, and even car paint.  Left unchecked, a bird infestation can also lead to health hazards due to the diseases they carry.  Hiring a professional can save you money on repairs and potential health risks.

Protect Your Property Today!

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