Birds are a beautiful part of our environment. However, pest birds can spoil the beauty of your home with their constant chirping and droppings. Some pest birds even carry deadly diseases and pathogens. Pigeons, sparrows, and European starlings are considered pest birds in Modesto, Ca.

Let’s look at why pest bird abatement is necessary and how professional cleanup services can help keep your home safe.

Why Is Pest Bird Abatement Necessary?

Pest birds can cause severe damage to your property, especially if they start nesting around your house. Let’s look at how bird cleanup services can help.

Property Damage

Bird droppings are toxic and can strip away paint, damage varnish, and over the long term, can even impact your roof’s structural integrity.

These birds can also clog your vents and chimneys as they form their nests around your house.

Vehicle Damage

The most apparent signs of bird infestation can be observed on your car. Bird droppings do not only look bad but can also eat away your car’s paint and leave permanent marks if not cleaned up immediately.

Health Risks

While pigeons and sparrows might seem innocuous, they carry a lot of diseases and pathogens. Pigeons are called flying rodents because of their ability to spread germs and carry pests, such as fleas, ticks, and lice.

Damage to Vegetation

Gardens and lawns are especially in danger from birds. These birds peck away the fruits and leave a beautiful garden in ruins.

Birds Window And Gutter Can Help

If you observe that your gardens are stripped away of fruits or see that your car is covered with droppings, then it might be time to call a professional pest bird abatement service. Birds Window And Gutter are headquartered in Modesto, CA. We are specialists in bird cleanup services as we can rid your house of sparrows, crows, pigeons, and starlings.

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