Squeaky Clean! The Psychology of Clean Windows

Do grimy, unkempt windows turn you off as much as they affect us? Who wouldn’t be! Research has shown that 77 percent of American households intended to clean their homes during the spring season, with window cleaning being a top priority for 49 percent of respondents.

Having clean windows that let the warm, natural light enter your home, bounce off the white surfaces can brighten up your space and your mood as well. Here’s how clean windows affect your home environment and your mood.

Happier & More Productive

Your windows state is known to make discreet suggestions to those living in it by reflecting your lifestyle. The sunlight that gently falls on your furniture and brightens up the room through spotless windows can make you happier, energetic, and more productive, especially during the day when you’re struggling to multi-task and balance your responsibilities.

Improves Air Quality

You’ll be surprised to know that the build-up on the inside of your windows can be harmful to your health? Whether you’re cooking, smoking, keeping the fireplace open, or spraying inside, all that smoke accumulation will linger on the windowpanes until they’re cleaned. Clean windows can help you breathe fresh air, helping you live comfortably in your sanctuary.

More Inviting

If you’re planning to make a great first impression on your guests, clean windows are one of the ways you can get there. Since clean windows bring in more natural light, they can brighten up your space rather than making it look dark and dingy.

Boosts Self-Esteem

Dirty windows can have indirect effects on your self-worth and affect your energy levels. It can also improve your mindset and help you think positively. So, if you’re wondering why it’s hard for you to focus on your tasks in a room with dirty windows, you know what to fix.

Offers Comfort

A room bathed in sunlight through the clean windows can stimulate feelings of coziness and shelter. By keeping out harsh weather, clean windows can regulate your home environment and make the experience of staying an optimal one indoors.

More Spacious

Aside from serving as an eyesore, grimy windows can make your home look more cluttered and unattractive. If you have light-colored furniture and walls with gleaming hardwood floors, you’ll often see sunlight bouncing off the surfaces and making your living space look more spacious than it is.

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