Pressure washing is a useful technique that can help you with cleaning a lot of things, from cars to windows, and more. However, there are some considerations you have to keep in mind when doing pressure washing.

Let’s take a look at some of the dos and don’ts of pressure washing.

Do’s of Pressure Washing


Although pressure washing is quick and easy, it’s important to prepare the equipment and location for pressure washing. Test the flow of water and its pressure by spraying a small amount on the surface you want to clean. Too much pressure can result in damage to surfaces, especially delicate ones like glass.

Remove any items nearby that can fall or break from the pressure of the water. Unplug nearby electronic appliances for safety as well.

Wear Safety Equipment

Pressure washing might seem harmless, but it still poses some safety risks. Make sure you wear safety goggles when pressure washing anything. Wear appropriate shoes that won’t slip. Wait for the pressure washer’s gas tank to cool down before you refill it.

Don’t directly aim the pressure washer on your hands or any part of the skin. It can cut or damage it. Wear gloves if necessary.

Start Light and Ease into It

Always start easy and increase the pressure slowly. Don’t stand too close to the surface you’re planning to wash. Don’t apply constant pressure to a specific point on the surface, it can damage it, especially if the surface is glass or wood. Maintaining a proper angle to apply pressure water is also important.

Don’ts of Pressure Washing

Using the Same Nozzle for Every Surface

Using the same pressure nozzle for every surface is not a good idea. Different surfaces require different pressure levels. Adjust the pressure accordingly for every surface to clean it properly without damaging it.

Using a Pressure Washer on a Ladder

Using a pressure washer while up on a ladder is a huge risk if you’re not certified to do so. The extensive pressure can cause you or the ladder to get imbalanced, resulting in a fall and injuries.

A professional pressure washing a window

To keep yourself and your possession safe, you should get a professional to pressure wash your stuff.

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