Windows are a prominent part of your home, but they can be tricky to clean. They’re also prone to stains and debris that will darken over time with wear or exposure. And while clean windows add value and a certain aesthetic appeal to your home, dirty ones scream neglect and abandonment.

Use the Right Solution

If you have a stubborn spot on your window, avoid using glass cleaners with ammonia or alcohol. These substances may seem like they will produce an intense clean but actually can leave streaks and even thin films which attract more dirt than before!

To start this process, rub some solvents such as acetone onto a cloth, then wipe away at the problem area directly from outside of the frame all around it until there is no sign left behind with just water droplets coming down rain-free for hours every day without fail.

Don’t Use Razors

Here is another tip for stubborn spots on your windows. Don’t use a razor if you want to remove stubborn stuck-on materials like glued on leaves or other debris. This can cause permanent scratches, which will leave your windows more vulnerable in the future for breaking apart at any time!

Tackling Large Surface Areas

If you’re trying to clean your larger windows and it’s just not possible with a spray bottle or cloth, mix one-part vinegar in ten parts water. Then use the mixture on any surfaces that need scrubbing (sills included). You can also dilute this solution more if needed because, as we all know about chipping paintless is always better when dealing with cleaning products!

Using the Right Equipment

Here’s how to get your windows clean in no time! Just grab a sponge and dip it into the solution. Then, wipe along any edges that may be dirty before wiping off any excess liquid with a paper towel or cloth. It only takes minutes from start to finish—so you can do all four sides of every glass at once too quickly and without getting bored.

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