Roofs are a huge investment and an expensive update for any homeowner.

Once you’ve installed a roof, you probably don’t want to spend any more money on repairs and replacements for at least a few years.

But you might be in danger if you notice moss and algae growing on your roof.

Moss and algae retain water and soak it up like a sponge. They create moisture on the roof that can encourage the growth of harmful fungi and molds.

Moss removal is essential to keep your roof in good shape. Therefore you must schedule a professional roof moss removal service in time to avoid further damage.

Types of Moss That Can Damage Your Roof

There are over 10,000 species of moss, but the ones you find on your roof include; Spindly Moss, Roly-Poly moss, and Furry Moss

If you want a moss-free roof, it is important to identify them before taking further action.

Spindly Moss

Such kind of moss is rooted in shingles and severely damages your roof. It is harder to inspect unless a professional is looking for it.

You unknowingly welcome spindly roof moss when you hang trees over the roof. It grows with Japanese and laceleaf maples or any birch tree. Managing that type of moss on a roof becomes a big deal as it will damage your entire roof if left untreated.

Roly-Poly Moss

Roly-poly moss grows on shakes, tile, or asphalt shingle roofs. You can easily recognize them as they are bright green and almost glowing at certain times of the year.

When such moss goes unnoticed, it develops and ruins your roof altogether.

Furry Moss

Furry moss is usually found on wooden roofs and tiles.

It is unlike the types mentioned above because it grows on rotted wood.

This moss develops from the bottom in moisture and shaded areas and can drive you crazy and destroy your roof.

Need Local Moss Removal Service in Modesto, CA?

Mold growth is one of the most common consequences of improper roof maintenance.

When leaving your roofing unattended for longer, you allow the moisture from monsoon and thunder to seep under the roofs.

Maintaining a moss-free roof needs some effort. Trust us with all your roof cleaning needs.

Our experts at Bird’s Window and Gutter Cleaning can handle all your needs, from pressure washing to moss removal service.

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