Have you ever noticed a little green substance on the top of the roof that makes the house look something out of the Shire from Lord of The Rings? That substance is called moss, and it can end up doing damage to your roof. This seemingly harmless looking thing is capable of ruining wood, concrete, and even metal!

How does moss grow?

Moss is caused by little spores that are air-borne and spread over a vast area. They often get caught in the shingles of the roof and seep into the attic as well. Moss requires moisture and dampness; rain and humidity allow it to multiply. As it expands, it can ruin the aesthetic and structure of your house.

The more moss grows, the more chances that the lifespan of your roof goes down. If you don’t take proper care of it in time, you might have to install a new roof altogether to get rid of moss. Here’s what you can do to prevent moss from damaging your roof:

Rinse and Scrub Moss Off

Cleaning off the moss is generally the first place to start. For this, you require a hose, a soft brush, and eye protection so that no moss goes into your eyes. Spray down the moss with some water, and gently scrub it down to detach it from the shingles. Scrubbing the roof vigorously is not advised, as it can damage the shingles altogether. Work slowly and methodically across all the spots until no moss is visible.

Using a Cleaning Solution

Using any store-bought solution for moss, you can clean off the pest. Following the label’s instructions, work your way carefully across the shingles and apply it to the moss. Make sure to avoid getting the solution in your eyes, on your clothes, and any tiles that could become discolored. Letting sunlight in also kills moss, as it stops growth by depleting it off of moisture.

Hiring a Professional Company

Roof moss removal is not an easy task. It requires you to be extra careful about a lot of factors such as the height of the house, the compounds you’ll use, and not letting it get on you or the tiles on the roof. With so many risks involved in the process, it makes a lot of sense to hire a professional service. Not only are they well equipped with the right tools to get the job done, but they also have the experience that will ensure the best clean up possible. The best cleaning products, as well as residential pressure washing technology allow quick and easy work.

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