Homeowners adopt an out of sight, out of mind approach to gutter cleaning. Dirty and clogged gutters accumulate debris, though they have more than just leaves, roots, twigs, and pine needles in them. You can probably guess who or what lurks in those gutters of yours, causing damage to your plumbing system. After all, it isn’t uncommon in Modesto, CA, to see a squirrel or two scampering up & down those trees and along the roofline.

Let us go through the list of animals that damage those gutters of yours that we at Bird’s Windows and Gutter Cleaning have compiled for you.


All that debris clogging up your drainage system becomes the nesting ground for mice and rodents seeking refuge from the cold during the fall and winter seasons. The real trouble starts when these rodents start chewing through the pipes and wood and find their way indoors. A single mouse or two is easy to deal with; however, an army of rapid-breeding rodents is alarming.

You can fill those cracks and gaps in the interior and exterior of your house and clean up the debris. But it’s infinitely better to hire a professional gutter cleaning company.


Who doesn’t like birds frequenting their backyards and gardens? Homeowners usually set up birdhouses and birdbaths in their gardens for these adorable guests. However, bird droppings can get annoying and decrease the curb value of your property. Apart from that, the bird nests can end up clogging your drainage system.


Wasps, hornets, and bees prefer higher grounds, so your gutters are an excellent nesting place for them. You wouldn’t want to live close to a colony of stinging insects, would you? Now, this isn’t just the issue of your living close to them. The weight of the nest could end up cracking or, worse, breaking your drainage pipes and damaging the roof. Therefore, if you see an insect nest, call in an experienced gutter cleaning service to take care of it.


Think about this, you’re returning home after a tiring day at work, and you see a snake hanging down from your gutters waiting to welcome you back. So if you spot a snake in your gutters, don’t try to remove them yourself.

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