Moss is a velvety green flowerless plant that doesn’t have any stems or roots. It attaches to surfaces and absorbs water for survival. Moss is not a fungus, but it grows easily in humid areas with a moist environment. It grows in areas untouched by the sun; shady areas are ideal for its growth. There are ten thousand different species of moss worldwide.Is Moss Just Another Friendly Neighbor?

While a thin layer of moss on the roof of your house is harmless, don’t let it grow into large thick clumps to avoid opportunities for leakage. Although moss is not exactly fungus, it provides cover for it. When it starts to grow on bricks, it speeds up the crumbling and deterioration. It can also damage porches, patios, and driveways through depressions into the surfaces, trapping soil and debris, which retain water and keep the roof wet for a dangerously long period. This, in turn, leads to and hastens the decomposition of wood roofs.

Who doesn’t like a clean and well-maintained roof that adds to the overall attractiveness of the house? But cleaning that annoying moss off the roof is no child’s play or something you should be doing yourself.

Although many people don’t mind a little greenery here and there, keeping it off the roofs is essential for its structural integrity. It’s also necessary to remove moss from areas like decks and steps to prevent slipping and falling. You don’t want an injured relative coming over for a visit, do you?

When it rains, moss soaks up water and retains it, creating constant wet conditions on your roof. In time, it will interfere with the proper drainage of water and eventually degrade shingles. Once you spot moss growing on your roof, you should take steps to remove it before it starts to damage the whole roofing system of your home and becomes beyond repair.

Roof Moss Removal Tips

Pressure washing the roof is optional for many, but if you opt for it, make sure you don’t overdo it as it’s likely to damage your roof’s shingles and make it weaker. Avoid the use of high concentration acids, or if you’re using them, be sure to use them in low quantity to not affect the lifespan of your roof.

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