Roof gutters are a vital sanitation and drainage system for your house. They keep your lawn from being waterlogged and protect the house’s foundation. Perhaps the only disadvantage of installing a gutter is the required maintenance that comes with it.

Efficient gutter functioning requires regular cleaning and upkeep of the structure. Timely repair and gutter cleaning can keep you and your house from repairs that would otherwise be too expensive and extensive.

With that said, let’s look at a few gutter cleaning tips that you can benefit from.

1. Install Gutter Covers or Guards

Open gutters collect debris such as leaves and small branches creating blockages. The next time you clean out your gutters, install a gutter guard for protection and longevity. Typically, these guards are made of metal that protects the gutters from falling debris.

Mesh-screen caps are also a good alternative to keep waste from falling into gutters and clogging them.

2. Trim Overhead Trees or Branches

Seeds, twigs, or pollen can clog up the gutter over time. You can easily avoid this problem by trimming overshadowing trees frequently. Kempt trees and plants will not only contribute to beautiful landscaping but also reduce the number of times your gutters will need cleaning.

Generally, experts suggest cleaning your gutters twice a year before and after the fall season. However, if your house is surrounded by trees, consider cleaning your gutters 4-6 times a year.

3. Hire A Professional

A professional gutter cleaning service will clean out your entire gutter, including the downspout to ensure proper de-clogging. A dirty gutter is a home for pests and other sanitation issues that can harm your property.

Good gutter cleaning companies will also give you useful tips and tricks to help maintain your gutter in the long-run.

4. Check the gutter position

Gutters are meant to be slightly sloped for dirt and waste to slide down smoothly. According to experts, gutters sloped a quarter of an inch every 10 feet are ideal. A faulty gutter position may make drainage difficult, damaging the walls and structure it is lined up against.

A clean gutter on the side of a house

Gutters get clogged surprisingly quickly. They can cause bigger problems if not properly maintained, leading to much more expensive repairs and replacements. Frequent inspections of your gutters, drainage system, and downspouts can help you identify problems much earlier.

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