At their best, birds represent freedom, flight and independence. However, they can also be pests that can wreak havoc on your property. We generally don’t tend to think of birds as pests until they actually become pests. Having your house infested by birds can be intrusive, noisy, smelly and unpleasant. Getting rid of these birds can also be tricky because they keep returning and breeding in the place they’ve come to call home in your building.

Here is how you know the birds on your roof are more than just temporary visitors:

Bird Noises

Hearing birds chirping and opening up your curtains to a bright, sunny day can be amazing. But what if the chirping becomes a never-ending twittering in the background and constant thumping that annoys you at different times during the day? Clearly, you have a bird problem on your hands.

Unexplained Stench

A good, healthy dose of fresh air works wonders for your mental and physical health. But when your premises is invaded by unwanted birds, the air is polluted with their stench. Certainly not something you want to breathe in. You may mistakenly associate the foul smell with the garbage disposal nearby, but you’d be mistaken.

Bird Debris and Clogged Gutters

Birds don’t come alone to invade your home. They come with even smaller pests and critters living on their bodies and they come with feathers nobody asked for. Pests and feathers can clog your gutters and add to your already long list of problems. If you see a suspicious number of feathers around your premises and maybe a broken egg or two, along with some nesting material (twigs, grass, sticks), you might want to get it checked.

Damaged Goods

You might notice signs of damage and debris on the roof or on the ground. Birds can be extremely nosy and will look for food and nesting material, damaging any goods you might have safely kept away.

Vengeful Bird Droppings

A surge in bird droppings is a common indicator of a bird infestation. Birds getting too comfortable around your property will treat it like their own and you might see a flood of droppings on your windows, roof, ground and nearby vehicles.

What To Do About It:

Getting rid of stubborn birds can be testing to say the least. Here are a few things you could try:

Remove Food And Water Sources

Removing any obvious signs of food and water will lower the motivation for birds to lounge about your space. Birds, like all living things, are attracted where there is potential to thrive.

Seal Small Entrances

Small entrances and openings around your house need to be sealed to keep intrusive birds out.

Use Decoys

Using toys like scarecrows and fake birds can temporarily trick birds and keep them away. But this is a short-term fix, as a study shows.

Call Professionals:

Leaving a bird infestation to the professionals is the best way to handle the issue. Bird’s Window and Gutter Cleaning offers pest bird abatement and window cleaning services in Modesto, CA. Call us to get our professionals to help you out.

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