A Window of Opportunity! How to Keep Your Windowsills Clean

Do you forget to give some good old TLC to your windowsills and tracks while scrubbing your windowpanes? You’re not alone. Research has shown that the cleaning market that includes window cleaning services is expected to grow by 10 percent by 2026.

Windowsills are often unintentionally neglected even though they host a sizable amount of dust and silt. If you’re a fan of the breeze wafting through your open windows, you may also notice fingerprints and smudges on your windowsills. Here’s how you can keep your windowsills clean like a pro.

Vacuum Your Windowsills

If you’ve got a vacuum cleaner at home, you can use it to remove the dirt and dust from your windowsills. After connecting the brush attachment, take your vacuum to remove the silt gathered in the window tracks.

You may also find dead bugs hidden away in the sills, so make sure your vacuum sucks those up too. If your vacuum isn’t powerful enough to spray the dirt out, use compressed air to get rid of it.

Use a Clean Toothbrush

A clean toothbrush can help you get at the dirt that’s otherwise hard to reach with bigger tools. Add a few drops of dish liquid or vinegar in your spray bottle and spray it on the windowsills.

You can also sprinkle baking soda in the gaps or add the same to your spray bottle. Use a q-tip to loosen the gunk from the corners and crevices and wipe the remains with a paper towel.

Mix Hot Water with Soap

After removing the filth off your window tracks, fill a bucket with hot water and dish soap. Next, dip a microfiber cloth in hot water and wipe down any residual dirt from the windowsills. Repeat this action until you’re satisfied that the area’s clean.

Clean Window Tracks with Hot Water

You need a scrubbing brush to clean your window tracks along with a mixture of hot water and dish soap. Dip this brush in the mix and scrub the tracks until all the muck and dirt is loose. Keep a close eye on corners and vertical tracks while cleaning this area, and use a soaked microfiber cloth to do away with any stubborn leftover grime.

Use a Dry Microfiber Cloth for Wet Spots

You’ll notice several water drips and wet spots after cleaning the windowsills. A clean and dry microfiber cloth will be enough to eliminate any moisture on windowsills and tracks. It’s also helpful in preventing other streaks or drip marks. Make sure you leave the windows open to dry out the windowsills and tracks.

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