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How to Make Window Washing Eco-friendly

How to Make Window Washing  Eco-friendly

The new generation is always on the lookout for eco-friendly products and services. The global sustainability movement has forced us to think about ways in which we can replace toxic products with more environmentally friendly options. According to an estimate, 38.5% of American consumers prefer using green products and services.  The window cleaning industry has seen a rise in consumer demand for greener options for home improvement. Here’s how you can simultaneously achieve that brilliant mirror-like shine for your windows, and play your part in protecting the environment.

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The Dangers of Moss Infestation on Your Roof

The Dangers of Moss Infestation  on Your Roof

Moss is a collection of tiny flowerless plants that survive in damp and shady places. It is a non-vascular plant, which means it does not have any roots and hence, absorbs water through its pores. As it does not have the roots to grip onto surfaces, it spreads horizontally instead of growing upwards. Roofs are the likeliest places for moss growth as they are usually damp. Thin, green layers of moss may grow between shingles and then spread rapidly on rooftops.

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