Solar panel cleaning may be tedious as heck but is certainly important. Just as a well-serviced car that runs better, well-maintained, clean solar panels work more efficiently. If left unattended for years, pollen, dirt, and bird droppings can lead to depleting the energy production of the solar panels.

The lower the efficiency rating, the less electricity the solar panel can produce from the amount of sunlight that hits your roof.

How Often Should Solar Panels be Cleaned?

Places with frequent rainfall require less maintenance since the rain washes away most of the dirt and dust buildup over the solar panels. However, smog in the atmosphere causes a layer of pollen mixed with bird droppings over the panels, which may not be washed away by the rain.

Solar Panel Installers’ Guide

The foremost important thing to consider before getting onto the actual work of cleaning your solar panels is to check with the solar panels’ installers and providers for any specific recommendations or information regarding cleaning them.

DIY Solar Panel Cleaning

If you opt for cleaning it yourself, the most effective way to clean your solar panels is with a hose and a bucket of water with some liquid washing soap. To avoid any scratches and abrasion to the panels, make sure not to use any high-pressure water sprayer, metal objects, or harsh products for removing dirt materials.

Cool Days

Pick a cool day to clean your solar system on the rooftop, as they can be extremely hot when the sun is blazing onto them. Stay hydrated to avoid heatstroke in the heat. Early mornings or evenings are the best suitable times to clean your solar panels.

Safety Comes First

It’s safer and advisable to clean your solar panels from the ground if possible. If you’re cleaning your rooftop solar panels, it’s recommended to wear protective equipment with at least a hardhat and safety harness to avoid injuries.

Depending on your area’s weather conditions, dust and other pollutants that could accumulate on your solar panels make it important to at least rinse off your solar panels. If you reside anywhere in Modesto, you can also hire from our team of professional solar panel cleaning services at Bird’s Window & Gutter Cleaning. With the help of our professional services, the well-kept solar panels will keep your system functioning at optimum efficiency so you can reap the benefits for years.

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