Gutter Cleaning in Winters: Yay or Nay?

Living in a cold-weather climate in the United States isn’t as easy as it might seem. The harsh winter season puts life on hold. You can’t go outside as there’s 4-feet of snow blocking your front door and the garage, so you’re stuck at home.

While spending time at home, cozied up in a warm blanket with a hot chocolate may sound like a fantastic idea, you need to ensure your home’s in order so you can remain nice and warm inside your house watching Netflix or working from home, so to speak.

Gutter maintenance  is important

One of the biggest challenges that homeowners face in winters is gutter cleaning. The rain gutters, unfortunately, take the brunt of harsh weather. The heavy ice weighs them down and puts their structural integrity to a real test.

Gutter maintenance becomes more important in winters. But should you do it? It may seem like a peculiar question, but it’s a critical question that you must know the answer to ensure the safety of your home as well as the safety of yourself.

So, is the gutter cleaning in the winters yay or nay? Find out here!

Gutter cleaning in winters: yay or nay?

Many homeowners take responsibility for cleaning gutters by themselves. If you’re among one of them, you might consider getting your hands dirty and cleaning the gutters by yourself, but you must tread carefully in winters.

In a cold-weather climate, gutter cleaning can become a dangerous activity. More than half a million people go to the ER from ladder-related injuries every year. Many of these accidents occur due to slippery ladder surface during the chilly season.

It’s also essential to have the right equipment when cleaning gutters. We highly recommend not using the hands—even with gloves—to fetch the ice as you may lose feeling in your fingers, making you more susceptible to fall injuries.

So, if you’re planning to deal with snow, ice, and everything not nice in your gutter, we’d highly recommend against it and suggest you opt for professional gutter cleaning services to avoid the risk of sustaining injuries.

An experienced gutter cleaner knows the best practices and safety measures to efficiently and safely clear out your home’s gutter. They can also check the gutters for damage, for instance, if the water is pooling and address issues that can become a large problem later on.

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