There Is A Difference Between Power-Washing And Pressure-Washing

Power-washing is identical to pressure-washing, except with power-washing, the water needs to be heated first to be used in the cleaning process.

Always Take Precautions

It’s always best to hire a professional power washing service. However, if you’re going to do it yourself, you should take certain safety precautions before starting. Use proper safety gear, including protective gloves, noise-canceling headphones, sturdy boots, and protective goggles.

Air Conditioner And Power Units

Try staying away from power and electrical components, even if they are external units. As warm water may clean the outer surface, if it manages to get inside, it could cause irreparable damage.

Similarly, it’s not advisable to clean air conditioning units with a pressure washer as it can distort or even break the fragile fins, restricting air circulation and shortening the unit’s lifespan

Roof, Windows, And Paint

While washing various parts of the house or furniture, make sure you steer clear of freshly painted or polished areas. The high-pressure jets of warm water can easily chip away paint from most surfaces.

Similarly, when cleaning windows, ensure the pressure washer’s nozzle is on the low setting as it can easily penetrate through the thin window glass. Also, if your rooftop is covered with asphalt shingles, the pressure washer might tear away the shingles that safeguard your house from extreme weather conditions.

Automobiles And Vehicles

Cleaning your automobile with a high-pressure washer can damage the paint job as well if done wrong. When you’re using a power washer to wash your vehicle, make sure it is configured to lower settings as water can easily get into the mechanical components such as your engine or fusebox and can cause serious damage.

Inside Of Gutters

Despite the convenience power washers offer, one should never use them to clean gutters. They could be old, rusty, and weakened from years of use and abuse.


Power-washing the exterior of your house regularly is a good idea. This helps your property stay neat and wards off health risks caused by dirt build-up.

As we can see that there are various things to consider when doing even seemingly simple chores like gutter cleaning and window cleaning. So why even bother when you can have it taken care of by professionals. Contact us today to learn more.

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