Waking up to the pleasant sounds of birds chirping outside your window can be the perfect start to your morning. However, while Disney Princesses have romanticized birds and their melodic calls, they failed to mention the horrors of their excrement.

Bird droppings are not only a sight for sore eyes, but can damage the integrity of your house in many ways. They also expose you to various health risks and diseases by inhaling or being close to them.  Here’s why bird abatement can be a nuisance and should be dealt with promptly:


1. Bird Droppings Are Highly Acidic

Birds may be beautiful creatures but they can wreak havoc on any flat surface known to man, starting from your roof to your fresh blowout. Birds don’t urinate, but instead, excrete nitrogenous wastes that contain uric acid.

Uric acid can corrode the tar of your roof and damage the integrity of your structure. Furthermore, bird poop can encourage moss and algae growth, which can inevitably lead to holes in your roof and subsequent leakages.

2. Bird Droppings Can Put You at Severe Health Risks

Bird droppings not only ruin the aesthetic of your outdoor spaces, but they also expose you to fungi. Cryptococcus is one such fungus that can be traced back to pigeon droppings, thereby posing as a serious health risk for someone with weak immunity.

Therefore, cleaning bird dropping should be at the top of your to-do list.

3. Bird Abatement Can Clog Your Gutters

Roofs require a proper drainage system to ensure the water flows away from the roof and over it, ultimately protecting your house from flooding. Birds can easily nest in your humble abode and block the water from flowing away. This can result in water accumulation and subsequently high-water levels that can deteriorate your home’s structural integrity over time.

If you’re looking for a reliable bird abatement company in Modesto, California, you’ve come to the right place.

At Bird’s Windows and Gutter Cleaning, we realize the importance of bird abatement and ensure to clean every bit of it. After removal, we install bird-repellent tools to prevent birds from making your roof a nesting place. Along with this, we offer premium cleaning services ranging from gutter cleaning, window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, and much more!

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